4 common foot problems associated with diabetes

4 common foot problems associated with diabetes

Diabetic patients often suffer from foot problems. Sometimes negligence in taking care of the affected foot can lead to its serious health complications that may even require amputation. But with just a bit of care, you can get rid of foot problems that occur due to diabetes. Several diabetic foot remedies are present in today’s world. But for that, you must be aware of the various types of foot problems that are associated with diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy
Among all other problems, peripheral neuropathy is very common in patients who have diabetes. In diabetic neuropathy, your nerves get damaged, and blood cannot flow through them leading to excruciating pain and soreness. The conditions become so worse at times that the patient feels numb and is unable to feel a cut. But several diabetic foot remedies are there that can cure diabetic neuropathy.

Formation of ulcers
High diabetes often leads to the formation of ulcers which are very dangerous if not taken care of in a proper manner. If the infection spreads, then it may even lead to a condition called gangrene where you might need to undergo an amputation. The infection worsens because, in these patients, the blood vessels are damaged, and the infected portion does not receive enough blood.

Calluses are also common foot problems in diabetic patients. Calluses form over the areas which experience high pressure, and over time more calluses are formed. When too many calluses develop at the same place, they may turn into ulcers leading to other serious problems. Therapeutic shoes and some diabetic foot remedies are helpful in getting relief from the formation of calluses.

Fungal Infection
Another very common foot problem in patients suffering from diabetes is fungal infection. Sometimes the patient may even experience a condition called athlete’s foot. This causes redness and cracking of the skin. Several medications are there to combat this condition. Fungal infection may also develop on nails and the nails may become cracked and crumble down.

With a proper knowledge of diabetic foot remedies, you can cure each of these foot problems that result from diabetes. But you must always consult a doctor in case the problem becomes worse.