6 types of Christmas ornaments you should know about

6 types of Christmas ornaments you should know about

Christmas ornaments add beauty and cheer to your Christmas decorations, beautifying the Christmas tree and foliage. Not only do they give you an excuse to decorate your home but also make your holidays memorable. The following article talks about different types of Christmas ornaments and decorations that will help you broaden the horizon for decorating your home this Christmas. Read on to find out more.

Glass ball ornaments
Basic and essential, these are a classic Christmas tree ornaments which have been in use for a long time. Also known as baubles, glass ball ornaments can also be used to create a color-based theme. They are hollow and light and are available in the shape of small spheres or eggs.

Less common than baubles, figures are popular in their own way. You can create your own theme for Christmas decorations using specific figurines (for instance, superhero or Star Wars themed Christmas) Meanwhile, celestial themes help us remember the importance of the holidays. However, they should be kept sparse to avoid overshadowing the first layer of glass ball ornaments.

Scented foliage
There are many households using artificial Christmas trees. No matter how real they might look, artificial Christmas trees cannot replace the aroma and the experience of having a natural tree. You can also opt for scented foliage like ScentSicles, which is a unique approach toward adorning artificial Christmas trees with evergreen aromas. These scented ornaments blend perfectly with artificial foliage and have a fragrance that is difficult to tell apart from the real Christmas tree. “ScentSicles” are available in different variations of aroma including pine, snowberry, cinnamon, and spruce.

Tinsel and garlands
These are classic Christmas ornaments and can be used to transform any home or Christmas tree into a festive wonderland. Garlands can be draped artistically around the mantel to complement the Christmas stockings and can even be wrapped around staircase banister to give a wintery touch. Make sure to keep away tinsel and garland away from pets as they can be tempted to play and nibble on it.

Tree toppers
Stars and angels are usually used as a traditional tree topper. However, you can use a unique tree topper based on your Christmas theme.

Holiday wreaths
These can be used for multiple holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween etc. Try making your own wreaths if you want to want to have a unique door decoration.