Best business phone services for enterprises in 2017

Best business phone services for enterprises in 2017

Companies with many personnel usually need more intricate business phone services. Some require an on-premise system, while others prefer cloud-based systems. Some need the service for a call center while others emphasize on collaboration tools.

Business Phone systems and plans such as from ShoreTel, Cisco, and Avaya are appropriate for bigger firms as they offer a wide-range of hosting and service options. Their ability to adapt gives enterprises the capability to organize the system in a way that best outfits a huge workforce.

Cisco: Cisco’s business phone plans and systems are the best suited for enterprises as they offer cloud-based and on-premise solutions while supporting thousands of workers. Cisco’s integrated communiqué systems can be organized explicitly with the mobility, calling, and association features each business needs. It holds the top spot for business phone services for enterprises. Their on-premise systems cost $600 to $1,300 and cloud-based costs $12 to $35 per user/month.

Avaya: Avaya’s business telephone service is an outstanding on-premise system especially for small businesses. These systems are can be integrated on several different platforms, with modified features and tools customized to your business needs. Avaya is among the top contenders for the best phone system for enterprises. They charge a one-time payment of $500 to $550 per user for on-premises systems; $25 per user per month for cloud-hosted systems. Overall, the firm provides more than 600 features and tools.

ShoreTel: If your business needs call center services then ShoreTel is the best phone system for you as it offers several hosting choices and many tools and features, and it can assist everyone in the office, not just the call center. Their one-time charge for cloud system is $30-$40 a user and $700 for on-premise system per user. For call center seats, it charges $1,000 to $1,500 for call center seats.

A big advantage to ShoreTel’s VoIP business phone plans is that it is available in both the premises and the cloud system. The ShoreTel phone system offers a host of critical reports that allow businesses to look deeper into their call center operations with regards to reasons for customer calls, the performance of different queues, groups, and individual agents.