Few things to know about the Fire Tablet

Few things to know about the Fire Tablet

There are many reasons to buy yourself a Fire Tablet. You can easily find them on Amazon.com and even avail some discount offers. However, if you are confused about buying a Fire Tablet, there here are some advantages and drawbacks of the Fire Tablet that will help you make a firm decision. Some of the top advantages you should be aware of are:

You get many options in Fire Tablets. There are three major types of Amazon Fire Tablets include Fire 7, HD 8, and Fire HD 10. However, along with these, you can also avail Fire 7 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids. The storage space starts from 8 GB to 64 GB between Fire 7 and Fire HD 10.

Since you cannot use Fire Tablets for as many things as your smartphones and laptops, the battery consumed is less and hence you have long-lasting battery life with Fire Tablets. This is great if you want to save your smartphone’s battery while you are on the move, and yet binge watch on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

If you face any technical issues with your Fire Tablet, you can share your tablet’s screen with the customer care executives to resolve the issue.

However, there are also a few drawbacks of the Fire Tablet:
The hardware of these tablets is not as impressive as the whole idea of Kindle tablets, especially when compared to alternatives like smartphones and iPads.

The data plans you get with Fire Tablets are not that great. Users would not always want to rely on Wi-Fi.

Many customers have complained about the default search engine. You cannot change your search engine to anything else and that is giving users a tough time.

Amazon has its own app store and hence you might not find the exact same applications you find on your Android or iOS phones. Your application reach is dependent on Amazon completely.

Since Fire Tablets are not a substitute for laptops and smartphones, comparing Fire Tablets with them wouldn’t be the right way to judge this gadget.