Here’s how you can brighten up your ordinary interiors using plants

Here’s how you can brighten up your ordinary interiors using plants

If you are planning to revamp the entire decor without splurging extra money, then adding plants might be the perfect solution. You can change the entire look of your rooms just with a few additions. Not only will it look bright and colorful, but being in the presence of flowering plants will make you feel fresh. As far as indoor orchid care is concerned, the good news is that most indoor plants do not require much effort.

Here is a list of different plants you can add in different rooms:

Living room:
Plants such as red-edged dracaena also known as Madagascar plant, spider plant, and weeping fig are some of the best options. These plants are easily available. They do not require direct sunlight. Hence you can place them in the bright empty corner and easily add some green in your room. You need not water them daily, as they need to be watered only once a week and even less in winter.

Besides the reason for changing the interior, plants in the bedroom can also help reduce stress and promote better sleep. Some of the recommended plants are jasmine, lavender, aloe vera, bamboo palm, peace lily and moth orchid. They are pleasing to the eye and well as full of fragrance. While there is a misconception about how difficult indoor orchid care is, it is rather easy. But it is important to remember that needs of every plant is different.

Plants in the bathroom are one of the trending decors. The advantage of adding plants in the bathroom is it will provide fresh smell and add color to the surrounding. Another advantage is that the humidity present in the bathroom will help plants such as begonia, Boston fern, Ivy, orchids, snake plant, spider plant etc. All of these plants can be kept in the corners beside the sink.

Considering indoor orchid care is a simple task, the best way to make your rooms more appealing is to add antic and unique flower pots with orchids and place them at the brightest spots.